What are cookies?

Cookies are data stored on your computer when you surf the web. This data is intended to remember your previous visitor behavior on a given website or webshop. 


How are cookies used on

The shop automatically puts two or three cookies on the front end (internal / 1st party cookies). The first is for session ID, which is a temporary cookie that is used to link the visitor with data for shopping cart, country selection, customer login, etc. This cookie contains only a unique ID. In addition, a "Remember login" cookie is set at customer login. The function remembers the login for the next time you visit the website, and is therefore part of a good service. Finally, the shop's Cookie box sets a cookie. The three cookies are documented below.


In addition, several of the shop's integrations use cookies (external / 3rd party cookies), i.e. bla. Facebook and Google Analytics integration, these cookies are used for statistics and marketing purposes.


The shop does not work without cookies. Otherwise,  the session ID will not be set and the website can not remember the shopping cart etc.


Cookie session ID (session cookie) 

The cookie name: "PHPSESSID".

The cookie lifetime: On the browser is closed.

The cookie function: Remembers session ID (Web server uses to connect the visitor with session cart, country selection, customer login, etc.).


Cookie to remember login

Cookie name: "user".

Cookie life: 30 days.

Cookie function: Remember login information.


Cookie for cookie box

Cookie name: "cc_cookie_accept".

Cookie life: 12 months.

Cookie function: Remember that cookies are approved.


Cookies for Google Analytics

Read more about Google Analytics cookies here


Cookies for Facebook



Deleting cookies from your browser:

Deleting cookies in Chrome

Deleting cookies in Safari

Deleting cookies in Firefox

Deleting cookies in Internet Explorer