Wear it forward!

Continue the tradition and protect the environment
Inspired by the Pay-it-forward movement and the idea of ​​sharing and giving forward, came the idea of A saree´s Story main purpose: to pass on those things that have been useful and cherished so that they bring the same joy further on to others.

In A saree's Story case, it is about continuing a saree's tradition and reducing the environmental impact by minimizing clothing waste and production of new clothes.

What is a saree?


Et billede, der indeholder udendørs, person, bygning, går

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse



A saree is the traditional, female apparel in India. The sarees are often passed down through generations, from woman to woman, to celebrate special events in a woman's life, as a gift on anniversaries or to honour a sister, on Sisters Day.

They form a bond between their past and present owner, thereby creating the saree's own history. 


Pass on the joy


Et billede, der indeholder udendørs, græs, vej, går

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse



A saree's Story wants, through the recycling and upcycling of these used sarees, to pass on the honour of owning, and the story of the sarees to you.  

It is a wonderful feeling to know that the clothes you wear have a special meaning and have previously been part of another woman's life being worn with grace and pride.

I want to pass that feeling on to you so you too can , wear it forward.

When you don't want to wear your clothes anymore, pass them on to another woman who can and will enjoy them as much as you did ... or give them to charity.

A great way to continue a tradition and raise awareness on recycling.

A saree´s Story was created with the intention of continuing a saree’s journey and story and making it a part of yours.