Who am I

From Dream to Reality - A saree's Story


My name is Nilsa Serrano and I am originally from Puerto Rico. Since the mid-nineties, however, I have mainly lived in Denmark, where I work and have my business.


I grew up in an environment of seamstresses and tailors, surrounded by sewing machines and by the most beautiful fabrics.


For generations, the women in my family have worked as seamstresses at home or in a textile factory at some point in their lives - if not most of their lives.


Their talent became their hobby to become their way of life.


For my mother, it was a passion, and that passion I got in my upbringing. As a very young person, I often designed my own clothes, which my mother then sewed, thereby "bringing my drawings and ideas to life". She taught me the craft and how important it is to enjoy the whole process by doing the work with love…

- well, she always reminded me that "nothing must be wasted!".


In the ensuing years, I followed in my mother’s footsteps.


Sewing and fashion also became my passion and I have enjoyed creating for my children, friends, and family.


I have always dreamed of using my creativity and creating something that could make sense to me and that could delight others.


It was after a fantastic trip to India and listening my mother's advice, that I was able to gather thoughts and ideas and turn into something that made sense in a larger perspective.


I wanted to buy the beautiful * sarees from women in India and transform “used into new”. Seen in a new design that women would also fall in love with.


The idea became a reality and that's how A saree´s Story came about.


* A saree (sari) is the woman's primary garment in India.