A saree´s Story is a Danish clothing brand that primarily uses sustainable materials for our clothing production. We strive to make a difference as well as to leave a better planet for the next generations.
We recycle used Indian sarees by creating new designs and transforming them into new styles that will add color and vibrant prints to the Scandinavian style. 
A saree is the traditional female garment in India. It is considered their primary garment - also in the modern wardrobe among today's women. 
The sarees have often been passed down through generations from woman to woman to celebrate special events in a woman's life. As a gift on anniversaries. They form a bond between their past and present owner, thereby creating the saree's own story.

A fireworks display in your life
A saree’s Story is owned and managed by Nilsa Serrano Nøhr. Mother and wife. Self-employed housewife and creative soul who loves to travel the world and to read when the opportunity arises.
We want to create a brand that brings joy and color into our lives. Our designs are inspired by women from all over the world, as a tribute to their beauty, strength, and diversity.
Our styles bring out the freedom-loving and exotic woman in you who loves the luxurious bohemian style. The unique prints will make you stand out and you will feel just as unique as the outfit you wear.
We create clothes that can be mixed in a multitude of combinations, which can be styled up and down as desired. Our designs can be adapted to any occasion and season.

We create:
Timeless design that can be used all year round for many years.
Styles for all ages and for all those who dare to stand out.
Designs with a great fit for all female shapes.
Our sarees carry their own story and have had a long journey, which is proof of their high quality.

Our Values:
A saree’s Story was created as a tribute to the spiritual bond between women across national borders, faith, and ethnicity. We believe that women must support and uplift each other, it gives us strength and confidence on our journey through life.
When you wear our designs, you also become part of a fashion revolution that is environmentally and socially conscious.
We make clothes with a soul and a story.
We are environmentally responsible and socially conscious - and so are our partners.
We are a slow fashion brand which focuses on high quality, sustainable materials, exclusive small collections and good working conditions with our suppliers.
Beautiful Vintage Clothing
A saree's journey begins when it is given as a gift to a woman in India, where it is subsequently passed on from one generation to another.
It is part of a cultural tradition where women receive one (or more) sarees as a gift on special anniversaries in her life.
These sarees are passed on for several generations and after many years of use they are sold or exchanged to a wandering trader when money or other necessities are needed. The journey of the saree continues from trader to trader until they are finally purchased by our partners.
Our sarees are then sorted, repaired, washed, and sun-dried to be ready to be redesigned into our collection.