Size guide

How to find the right size?

There is nothing more frustrating than ordering clothes you’re looking forward to wearing and finding out that they're either too big or too small when you receive them. Worst of all, when it’s something you need within a short time which  cannot be exchanged in time. 

I think this has happened to all of us. 


Therefore, I have created this size guide. It is very easy to use and apply as all styles are measured the same way we measure them at home.


In order for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, I have chosen to make a guide on how you can easily have a clear idea of ​​the measures in our sizes,  which you can compare with your own clothes at home.


Sizing varies from country to country and from brand to brand. I also have my own size system based on the average (and real) female body. 


I measured all our styles flat, lying on the bed or floor, made a drawing of each and wrote all the relevant measurements on the drawings. This will give you a realistic idea whether the style and size you choose is the right one.
The drawings show where I have taken the measurements and how. I’ve measured the places where I think it’s important clothes should fit perfectly - at the chest, waist, hips, on both sleeve length and width and the full length. Measurements are shown in centimeters, plus/minus one cm.If it is a style including elastic or smock, the measurements are made without 


How to find your size?

- Find the drawing of the style you are interested in.
- Start measuring your body and write the measures down.
- Find a similar style you know you can fit in your wardrobe..
- Lay it flat either on the bed, floor or dining table.
- Measure the clothes flat as shown in the drawings.
- Write it down.
- Compare them with our drawings.
- Now you have a more realistic idea of the size and fitting.




If you have any doubts or need other measurements, please feel free to contact me. 

You can send a message with your measurements and which  style you have fallen in love with, and I will gladly check if you have chosen the right size. 


You can contact me here:




Text message  or call
+45 25808038


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Size Guide Birgitte kimono blouse

Size Guide Cleopatra palazzo pants

Size Guide Coquette reversible wrap skirt

Size Guide Doyenne Kimono

Size Guide Duenna long kaftan

Size Guide Duenna tunic

Size Guide Godiva pant-skirt

Size Guide Henriette poet midi dress

Size Guide Ingénue top

Size Guide Malala dusterjacket

Size Guide Nichy pants

Size Guide Paola shorts

Size Guide Regina Maxi long dress

Size Guide Rosalind reversible Hoodie jacket

Size Guide Rosita stroptop

Size Guide Susanne 2in1 skirt 

Size Guide Sylph midi short dress

Size Guide Vanessa tunic

Size Guide Victress quiltet jacket

Size Guide Virago bomberjacket

Size Guide YZ Poncho


Birgitte kimono blouse

Cleopatra Palazzo pants size S/M

Cleopatra Palazzo pants size L/XL

Coquette reversible wrap skirt OneSize

Doyenne Kimono OneSize

Doyenne Kimono reversible OneSize


Duenna long kaftan OneSize

Duenna tunic OneSize


Godiva pant-skirt OneSize

Ingénue top size S/M

Ingénue top size L/XL

Malala dusterjacket size S/M


Malala dusterjacket size L/XL

Nichy pants size S/M

Nichy pants size L/XL

Paola shorts size S/M


Paola shorts size L/XL

Regina maxi long dress

Rosalind hoodie jacket size S/M

Rosalind hoodie jacket size L/XL

Rosita stroptop size S/M

Rosita stroptop size L/XL

Susanne 2 in 1 skirt

Sylph midi short dress

Vanessa tunic size S/M

Vanessa tunic size L/XL



Victress quiltet jacket size S/M

Victress quiltet jacket size L/XL

Virago bomberjacket size S/M

Virago bomberjacket size L/XL 

YZ Poncho 

YZ Poncho