What is sustainable fashion?
Sustainable fashion is clothes that have been created with the least possible impact on the environment and climate by carefully choosing the production resources , for example choosing already existing materials and recycling and upcycling them. This reduces textile waste significantly.

Sustainable fashion is about social and ethical responsibility where people are a priority, especially the workers in the factory, where they have good working conditions such as a decent wage and regular working hours, a safe workplace, and fair agreements.


A sustainable and slow-fashion brand is:

  • Clothes that are not mass-produced but instead consist of 1-2 collections a year and in limited quantities. Quality over quantity.
  • Clothes that can be used again and again because they are timeless and made of good quality materials that last a long time.
  • Supports small manufacturing companies and local designers.

At A saree's Story, all of our products - be it kimonos, dresses, skirts, or accessories such as sleeping masks and belts, are made from recycled  sarees. 

When you mix and match our styles with your wardrobe, you always get several different looks, thus saving both money but also the climate from over-consumption and production waste. We create multiple use clothes that can create different looks using the same style.

In our production, we use all production leftover material to make our accessories, bags and even as laces for price labels. My mother always said that when sewing "nothing should be wasted", and I have taken that to heart. It is a challenge I think is both exciting and fun.

In all phases of production, we work based on the concept of sustainable clothing production, where the production respects the environment, and has a social and ethical responsibility.


Sustainable packaging
Today, all our packaging is made from recycled materials. We send in recycled cardboard boxes from Ethical Pack and pack your purchase in recycled tissue paper.

Our hangtags and price labels are also made of recycled paper, where the lace they hang on is made from production leftovers.

In our physical shop in Haderslev, we have chosen environmentally friendly hangers for displaying our collections. They are made of grass and recycled plastic.

We also offer paper bags made from recycled cardboard. The shop is decorated mainly with recycled items from the local thrift shops.


Wear it-forward!
Inspired by the Pay-it-forward movement and the idea of ​​sharing and passing things on the idea of ​​creating A saree´s Story core idea arose: to pass on those things that have been useful and cherished so that they bring the same joy  further to others.

To us, at A saree's Story, it is about continuing a saree's tradition and reducing the environmental impact by minimizing clothing waste and production of new clothes.