Get the look

I have created this Get the look page to provide you with inspirational  tips and ideas on how to create outfits using our designs which you might either already have or are considering acquiring.
It is my wish to give you ideas, advice, guidance, and inspiration on styling your outfits in the same way as I do when you visit our store. 

The pictures show our designs styled and paired using most of the design categories in the webshop, but also how you can style it with your own clothes and give them your personal touch when adding one of our designs.

That's exactly what slow-fashion, sustainability and upcycling are all about! To be able to use your clothes in more than one way, for different occasions and they are made from already existing materials. You save money and the environment for overproduction of clothes and send a good signal about your environmental and ethical values ​​to the people around you.

Since our styles are unique, i.e. there is only one of each print (maybe two, in some cases) it may happen that the item shown in the picture is sold out.


YZ poncho styled as short top

Sylph midi strap dress styled loose

Duenna kaftan styled as coverup

Geisha scarf styled as hairband


Belle belt styled as bowtie

Susanne skirt-dress styled as dress


Virago bomber jacket styled as shirt

Regina maxi dress styled without belt

Rosita strap top styled over shirt



Duenna kaftan styled without belt

Geisha scarf styled as giftwrap