GDPR declaration as of  May 1, 2020.



In this statement, you can see how we at A saree's Story collect and process personal information. The content of the statement applies to all customers, regardless of their geographical location at the time of booking.


1. What we collect


When you place an order in the shop, we collect the following information:

name, address, postcode, city, country, telephone number, and e-mail address, as well as any alternative delivery address.


This information is not personally sensitive and is necessary in order to be able to process your order and for us to be able to present fair accounts to relevant authorities.


When using our regular contact form, we collect your name, telephone number, and e-mail address.


When you visit our site, we collect, in the form of cookies, various information about your visit, such as how many pages you visit and how long you are in the shop. Also information about whether you visit us by phone, tablet or PC, as well as a number of other data n which is used for statistical purposes. 

You can read more about which cookies are used on the page about cookies.


When you make a payment, payment data is forwarded to Nets / Teller in encrypted form. This data is only available for Nets / Teller.


The above is collected in order to be able to execute  the delivery of orders, to be able to submit correct accounts, and so that we can live up to our obligations regarding complaints.


2. Storage of information


A saree's Story does not store any information locally. All collected data is stored with third parties, information collected about purchases and via contact form is stored in Denmark.


Other information collected, such as visitor data and data from news e-mails, is stored in the United States, but the third parties Google Analytics and Mailchimp used are both certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.



Apart from the aforementioned exceptions, data is only passed on where required, for example in connection with delivery, financial reporting, etc., and is not resold to any third parties.


You will always be able to request an extract from the information we have registered about you. 


The data controller for the information will always be A saree's Story.


Deletion of information


When it is no longer necessary to store personal and order information, this is anonymised. However, it also means that, after a certain period, we are no longer in possession of anything other than item data on an order, which is why we encourage our customers to always keep a copy of the order confirmation and invoice.


Information that arises from subscribing to the newsletter is, however, in the nature of things always stored until you have unsubscribed from the newsletter again. For a short period of time, this information will still be available in our database, but subsequently it will be completely deleted.